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Monday, April 8, 2013


You did it.

You're going to Harvard. Have you gotten accustomed to the sound of that yet? When people ask, are you the type to say it meekly, almost as if you yourself are too stunned to believe it, or do you do it in an unwavering fashion, not in the least bashful or apologetic?

Where were you when it happened? Were you surrounded by people you loved, ready to embrace you despite the outcome? Were you alone, anxiously counting down the minutes? Were you in an exposed, public, or simply bizarre location, or were you in your bedroom, the very same one where you've spent countless late nights on the computer writing essays and checking endless boxes?

Revel and reflect; relive the moment, again, again, and again. In fact, some of us are still reeling after months and years. Commemorate with these current students (our friends and coworkers) as they relive their very own acceptance stories:

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