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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet the Model: Lila

Meet Lila, the youngest model The Harvard Shop has ever had the pleasure of working with! You might have seen her modeling our adorable Hello Kitty Hello Harvard T-shirt with her mother, Celia.

Five years old and armed with ample hair clips, a princess tutu, and sequined silver flats, Lila livened up our drab workplace and left a trail of (what could best be described as) rainbows and sparkles in her wake. Her giggles filled the hall and her lively antics brought smiles to everyone's faces; she was, perhaps, the only person oblivious to her own charms. Her mother is quite the model as well, in more ways than one--she works as a residential proctor for freshmen, meaning that she oversees all aspects of their residential life on campus, serving as a mentor and counselor to her students.

The mother-daughter duo stunned us with their modelling prowess and tugged at our heartstrings; while photographing the two, I myself could not contain the occasional "awww" and wistful sniffle, moved by a mother's love for her young and transported to the simpler days when sitting on my own mother's lap could fix anything...

Lila and Celia, thank you for brightening our days; we wish the best to you both!

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