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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meet the Managers: The THS Team

From left to right: Cindy, Neal, Michelle, Ahmed, Vanessa, Peter, and Ryley
Monday was overcast and wet, but that didn't stop The Harvard Shop (THS) team from donning our classy green t-shirts and striking a pose in front of this distinguished, ivy-covered wall (it was begging to be photographed). If running a business isn't cool enough, imagine having six incredibly talented, passionate, fun, and photogenic individuals as teammates. I can safely say that that has been the best part of my job here.

7 individuals, 2 stores, and 1 mission: to be the best we can be!!

(Alternate caption: we love our customers.)
We may be in college, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little High School Musical still inside of us.

Neal is a happy boy.
The boys
The girls
Stay tuned for a Meet the Managers series, where you'll get to know each of us to some extent through questions of varying relevance.

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