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Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet the Manager: Michelle Shao

Sometimes she's like,

And other times she's like,

Meet Michelle '16, a rising sophomore in Cabot House concentrating in statistics with a secondary in psychology! She's the Custom Orders Manager at The Harvard Shop, which basically means her job is to make people's dreams come true. (Read: she designs and procures custom gear for clubs, organizations, and special events. Her website is here!)

Michelle has tiny feet and delicate skin like a princess. She also has an affinity for Nutella, rice crackers, and bizarre reality television shows. The quickest way to her heart is through furry animals and children ("little humans", she affectionately calls them). There is a rare, nurturing quality about her - an ability to make people feel at ease and happy. With her mint-green blouses and bubbling laughter, she resembles a gently trickling stream.

I've uncovered these delicate secrets by means of being her summer roommate; below, she answers some strategically worded questions so that you, too, can find out your very own facts about Michelle.

Q: What is your favorite song as of late?
A: Je veux te voir by Yelle - it's a fun French song that my friend showed me in a CD she made me for my birthday. I have no idea what the lyrics are, but it's about the journey, right? 

Q: What place have you always wanted to visit?
A: I love the water, so I'd like to visit one of those islands where The Bachelorette season finales are always held (like Antigua or Tahiti). Just take me where the water is crisp blue! 

Q: Where did I leave my shoes?!
A: They probably got lost in the abyss that is our room - quick! Put on another pair before we miss the M2 bus to work! (Loosely based on true events)

Q: What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?
A: I wouldn't know, because there are no zombies on True Blood

Q: Which musical instrument do you identify with the most?
A: A piccolo, because they're small but can make a lot of noise when needed.

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