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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Harvard Shop Presents: IVY STYLE (Featuring GANT + SEE)

Published in the 1960s, Shosuke Ishizu's iconic book Take Ivy was an in-depth exploration of fashion at Ivy League universities. The styles portrayed in his photographs were elegant, clean-cut, and undeniably collegiate; but we couldn't help noticing that the wearers of "Ivy Style" were sorely limited to a very specific demographic (read: no women or minorities)!

Thus, we decided to do our own take on Ivy Style at Harvard as both a homage to the past and a celebration of the present. Ivy Style has undoubtedly evolved -- for instance, it has grown to incorporate more pastel hues and bold prints, and has come to be embraced by all types of people. The photos in our campaign are not meant to typify Harvard fashion as a whole; rather, it's a spin on a popular trend, and also a tongue-in-cheek reminder that we can always sit back and tease ourselves every now and then (especially when we start playing football in a bowtie and blazer). 

So we hope you enjoy Ivy Style by The Harvard Shop, featuring our Vineyard Vines collection as well as looks kindly lent to us by GANT and SEE! Be sure to watch our IVY STYLE Youtube video too, for some cute action shots and endearing indie music.