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Thursday, March 13, 2014

IVY does Harvard Shop

Ivy is a new show that explores a unique and alternative take on life at Harvard and the Ivy Leagues, exploring its everyday perks, quirks, and the crazy adventure that happens there. Who knows this better than its student actors and producers, and the entire staff of The Harvard Shop, all of whom are current Harvard undergraduates!

Given our similar stories, it made sense for us to get together and pair the two in a photo-shoot – Ivy’s good-looking cast with The Harvard Shop apparel – designed and produced by the THS team.

Check out the fantastic results below!

We had some surprise guests joining! Apparently Chinese tourists are excited for this photoshoot too!

More photos available on our Facebook Page:

To find out more about Ivy, click here! To explore more apparel from The Harvard Shop, click here!

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