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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet the Manager 2014 -- Ali Bayar

(Ali putting a sticker on our World Map documenting everywhere the Harvard Shop has reached!)
Outside of office, Ali appears to be classy and Harvard-y. Just look at that charming smile!

In office, he is more often like this.

This spring, we have decided to bring back the Meet the Manager Series! And for the first post, we are introducing our Managing Director -- Ali Bayar! As managing director, Ali leads the Harvard Shop team, but also models for the shop on important occasions.

Ali hails from Turkey and is a junior in Winthrop House. Driven by his passion in politics and business, he is pursuing a concentration in History with a secondary in Economics. Outside of HSA, Ali is a Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisor as well as a member of the Crimson Key Society. He indulges in all things Turkish, such as coffee and dangerous amounts of kebab, and will never turn down a game of FIFA.

Q: Last song you listened to?
A: The last song I listened to was "Lonely Boy" by the Black Keys. Great riff. I may or may not sing along to it in the shower.

Q: Last movie you watched? Favorite movie?
A: I just saw No Country for Old Men and it was absolutely amazing. BUT, not as good as my favorite movie, Star Wars: A New Hope. I mean, that scene where he's on the dunes and looking at the two suns...tears.

Q: Where’s the place to go if we want to find you?
A: Probably anywhere that serves decent coffee.

Q: If Hollywood were to make a movie about your life, who would you want to act your character?
A: Edward Norton. They'd need to brown him up a bit but I'm sure he'd do a great job. Or if I keep losing my hair...Stanley Tucci

Q: If you could trade place with someone (dead or alive, real or fictional), who would it be?
A: Any one of Will Smith's kids.

Q: How do you make your sandwich?
A: By fooling myself that Chipotle mayo isn't as bad for you as regular mayo. Also turkey.

Q: Special Talents?
A: Much to the dismay of my roommates and anyone who's know me for 5 minutes, I do a pretty good Christopher Walken impression.

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