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Monday, June 23, 2014

Meet the Model: Owen & Patrick

Meet the youngest models the Harvard Shop has ever had the honor to work with! Owen and Patrick were showing off their astonishingly good looks in our Harvard onesies, attracting much attention in the Harvard yard. It was so fun and wonderful to hang out with these two cuties, and we'd like to thank the moms, Shannon and Erin, for letting their precious babies model for us!

Mr. Owen William Legg (yes his initials are owl!)

Birthdate: August 11th, 2013 (10 months old)

Sign: Leo

Birthplace: Winter Park, FL

Favorite things:
Baseball bats, Dogs, His Daddy, Tour groups, the Talking Heads, Peekaboo, Piggy back rides, and banging any 2 objects together.

Diaper changes, Sleep, Kiwi, Sitting down in the tub, & Being buckled into anything.

Future Goals:
Some walking, talking and not crying when someone sneezes!

Mr. Patrick Seamus Moran

Birthdate: 1/31/2014 (4.5 months old)

Sign: Aquarius

Eating, Rolling, Chewing on anything, Pulling hair, Belly Raspberries, Snatching glasses, Owen, Books, Staring at cameras, Tooting

Sleeping, Any time spent not eating,  Car rides with Owen, People sneezing, Not being able to crawl yet, Sun in the face, Turning left

Future Goals:
Astronaut or Pilot of man-kinds first warp capable spaceship

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