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Friday, July 25, 2014

Life At Harvard -- 5 Best Late Night Options in Harvard Square

Mike, Class of 2016

The weekend is approaching, and Harvard students often find themselves starving at 2 am on those typical Harvard saturday nights (in the library or elsewhere). Now this post introduces you to the places that open late enough to satisfy your late night cravings.

Tasty Burger

With a vast array of burger options, you’ll never fail to satisfy those late-night drunchies.  If you aren’t as lit as I normally am around 1 am, you should stroll downstairs for a few more lattes until 4 am closing time - when you might even want to try the Rise N Shine burger that features an egg and bacon!
Diabolicial, I know.

Who doesn’t like Mexican after a night of tequila shots with your Harvard shot glass?   Rumor has it, they’ll be opening a rooftop bar in their new location next to Crema CafĂ©.  Just a pro’s tip btw, anyone who knows anything about anything gets nachos, not a burrito, at Felipe’s.

Margaritas and nachos?  Wow.
Insomnia Cookies

Have more of a sweet tooth? – check out Insomnia cookies that DELIVERS HOT COOKIES AND FRESH ICE CREAM TO YOUR DORM UNTIL 3 AM.  That was not a typo, and caps lock was supposed to be on.  It’s absurd. And delicious.  You can eat ice cream or dip cookies into milk in your Harvard Bowl ;).


2 slices for $5.  Sicilian style, thick, funky pizzas.  Hot and ready to go.  What better than spongey, doughey, hot pizza to soak up all that booze?  If you can deal with the line out the door in the cold, then this is so worth it. Maybe grab a hoodie from the Harvard shop right around the corner on JFK?

These guys are legends, btw.
The Market

The absolute king of late night – open 24 hours.  From subs, to wraps, to paninis, to sushi, to a fresh buffet bar – this place got all the fixin’s.  I literally don’t go to other places.  My own personal concoction: chicken cutlets, prosciutto d’parma, fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, balsamic (yeah, I know).  Any time, any food.  You ask, the market will deliver.

Just beyond those glass panes is a magical wonderland filled with all the happiness you could ever imagine – especially if you’re buckled.


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