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Monday, July 21, 2014

Life At Harvard: Top 5 Drinks You See at Harvard

Welcome to the first post in our new blog series -- Life At Harvard! The Harvard Shop has invited Harvard students to write about their Harvard experience -- any topic they want! This first post comes from the Harvard Bartending Course. Check out their course if you would like to go above and beyond the stuff Harvard students are consuming...

Written by Eric, Class of 2016

1. Rubinoff (topped off with … well, more Rubi)
Every college has a brand of cheap vodka that dominates. Rubinoff is the freshman classic – practically a rite of passage into sophomore year.

“Mixers? Pshh, it was hard enough getting this Rubinoff.”

2. Natural Light (in a red solo cup, of course)
Harvard students graduate, so to speak, from straight Rubinoff to cheap beer. This means that, instead of drinking for 1 hour and passing out for 6, they can drink for 3 hours and pass out for 5!

“So we can get drunk AND play games? SICK”

3. Rum and Coke
Invented by a Harvard student who had access to half a bottle of Rum and a dining hall full of fountain drinks, the Rum and Coke is a tried and true Harvard classic. (Disclaimer: not actually invented by a Harvard student)

“Cuba Libre? Nah, Rum and Coke please”

4. Gin and Tonic
After attending their first open bar and tasting everything on the menu, Harvard students discover the world’s most popular drink.

5. Apple Cider
Inevitably, you will see a case of these at a party, and the person who brought it will be the most popular person until they are all gone in 3 minutes.

“So it doesn’t have to burn on the way down?”

And in the end, don't forget to get your Harvard shot glass for these drinks to really live the life at Harvard!

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