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Saturday, January 17, 2015

What do you do during a month-plus-long winter break?

The spring semester starts in just 10 days, and that means our month (plus some!) long winter break is almost over. Cue the tears.

But in all seriousness, winter break has been relaxing, but an incredibly productive time for most students. Whether we were traveling (a couple of my friends are currently backpacking around Thailand and Cambodia), working a short-term internship (a friend recently took on a project for the global health organization Partners in Health), or busy studying abroad (thinking of our friends who've started the spring semester already in the politically turbulent city of Paris), it feels like we're given this lonnnnng break to 1) take a breather and 2) buckle down and get to work.

THSB will be hosting a few guest Harvard student bloggers to share their distinct, incredible winter break experiences and excursions, so check out their stories here in the coming days!

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