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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Company Trip (& the novelty of being the only snowboarder in the group)

To celebrate the upcoming fiscal and academic year at Harvard and at Harvard Student Agencies, the team went on a trip to Nashoba Valley Ski Area, the perfect ski resort a couple hours outside of Boston.

I haven't been on the slopes this whole winter, so this trip was a much welcomed and much needed retreat to the mountains, where everything is just a bit simpler, easier, and exhilarating. There weren't many people on the slopes either, so the resort felt like it was reserved just for our team! 

Being from California, I have always been used to the ratio of about 8 snowboarders to every 1 skier, and that was on a good day. The mountains in California are pretty sweet, and yes, we get real snow in the mountains (sometimes). I instinctively picked up a snowboard 5 years ago, solely on account that everyone around me had one, and haven't put it down since. To reiterate, snowboarding in California is as commonplace as salmon colored shorts at Harvard in the springtime. 

SO, imagine my surprise when everyone but me gets on their skis! And imagine their surprise when I walk outside the lodge with my hunk of a board, without a helmet (seriously, nobody wears helmets in California...), and a huge smile on my face. 
I went from being one of the many to one in a million shredding down the New England slopes, a completely new territory for me. Upon reflection, I'm honestly so glad that I am able to be a bit different/an anomaly in the New England mixing pot. 

Anyways, it's always a good time with the team, and a day out on the slopes was a much needed breath of actual fresh air. Wishing I still had my snowboard as I watch the snow keep coming down. Seriously, 2 feet of snow? #snowpocalypse2015 is upon us.

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