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Monday, February 2, 2015

Welcome to the spring semester!

Christmas may be long over, but it seems as though the winter gods are bestowing New England with enough snow to be a real-life everlasting snowglobe. I'm finding myself regularly checking my Weather app and cringing in anticipation of the cold, biting winds that swirl through Cambridge (the snowflake/rain icon on the app is my arch nemesis, no joke). 

We've been hit by yet again another snowstorm, and though I've mastered the art of layering and bundling to keep warm, I've yet to find a way to shield my face from the biting cold in a socially acceptable way. I've considered the ski mask, but needless to say, my roommates vetoed that option. Thus, my face is currently defrosting in front of the screen #yay.

It may definitely not feel like the spring yet, but we've teed off the spring semester and have started the second week of the semester. Time flies!

The first week of the semester is always set apart as "Shopping Week," a time for students at the College to sit in on any and all classes that they're interested in taking that semester. While some students know what four courses they are taking, others are weighed by the daunting task of choosing just four (or up to five, if you want the extra workload), classes out of thousands of incredible courses offered by world-renowned faculty. It's not easy trekking to 10+ classes that sound super cool, but its a luxury that Harvard gives its undergraduates to be indecisive for once. 

Happy second week of the semester, Harvard! Things haven't gotten too busy yet (knock on wood), so here's to building snowmen, making snow angels, and snowball fights galore in the new blanket of snow the storm has brought to campus!

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