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Friday, March 13, 2015

May the housing gods be ever in your favor

Cue the Lowell House bells and applause and champagne in celebration because we've officially celebrated Housing Day 2015 at Harvard!

Now, "what the heck is Housing Day?" you might ask? Here's a brief summary:

Housing Day is when the unbeknownst freshman class finds out which House they'll be a part of for the next three years of their undergraduate career.

Most of our freshman class lives within the Harvard Yard, a central location on campus. They're sorted into the 17 freshman dorms, located in and around the Yard. Meanwhile, upperclassmen live in our respective Houses--12 unique communities located down by the Charles River and by Radcliffe Yard. 

Ask anyone, because I'll guarantee that when you get two Harvard undergraduate affiliates together--whether current student or long graduated alumnus--the second question they're bound to ask is, "So, what House are/were you in?"

House spirit is HUGE, and especially important for the undergraduates at Harvard because we're a pretty sizable student population. Moreover, our House community becomes one of our key communities, insulating us from the cold weather (quite literally) and keeping our closest friends close (also, quite literally). From hosting House formals, socials, and other student activities/services, not to mention our dining halls, House life is the life.

Photo credits to the amazing student photographers at Harvard!
The upperclassmen woke up bright and early, donned our respective House gear, grabbed our flags and tattoos and loud noise-making devices, marched to the Yard, and declared our love and dedication and loyalty to our Houses--where communities are built, where friendships are made and kept, and where we are home

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