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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thankful for Parents | Junior Parents Weekend

It's been a long, cold, and snowy spring semester thus far, and I have to admit that this weather has gotten me extra sentimental and homesick. I'm not normally that sentimental, but being from California and adding that to the fact that I haven't had a glimpse of the sun for the past three months, let's just say that this semester can't go by any quicker!

Meanwhile, the junior class was lucky this past weekend to get a taste of home, good non-dining hall treats, and a break from the independence and autonomy with which they live their lives throughout the school year. Jealous! 

Our campus was abuzz with new (and very familiar) faces. Juniors, being three years in to the Harvard experience and one year away from graduation, welcomed a much needed break with their families and loved ones this Junior Parents Weekend. Every year, Harvard invites the junior class' parents to a weekend jam packed with activities, performances and a lotta time R&R'ing with their hard-working kids.

One of the main activities during this past weekend was sponsored by The Harvard Shop and Harvard Student Agencies, and a tradition that is fittingly shared with our loved ones. 

Class rings were officially distributed at the prestigious Harvard Tradition: One Ring Ceremony this past weekend. Performances from one of Harvard's all-male acapella groups the Din & Tonics, a moving student perspective by the Undergraduate Council's Vice President, Druv Goyal, and a powerful keynote speech by the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Robert Doyle culminated in the moment when everyone in the audience put on their class rings for the first time. Cue pictures. Cue mom's "oooooh"ing. Cue dad's straight face. 

Moreover, class rings have and continue to be a time-honored tradition. Men tend not to give their class rings to the girl he is courting, and female enrollment in colleges tend to outweigh that of males, so times are a-changin'. However, despite the change in mentalities and modernization of the idea of class rings, they're still relevant, still beautiful, and still the best keepsake to commemorate 4 years at an amazing institution like Harvard.

And a special thanks to the parents that love and support us through our college years, before then, and beyond!

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