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Monday, March 30, 2015

'Twas the day before Regular Decisions

March is already coming to an end (how does time move so quickly?!)! I can't believe how quickly this semester has hustled by, but thank goodness that Cambridge winter and record-breaking snowfalls are on their way out, welcoming a much needed dosage of natural vitamin D in the form of sunshine!

Speaking of sun, it's a beautiful day on campus, and it's taking me all of my self-control to keep from bringing my chair outside and trying to sun-tan (probably not a good idea, with wind at 12 mph...). It's shaping up to be a beautiful day tomorrow for 

Harvard's Class of 2019 Decision Day!

To celebrate with our soon to be classmates, The Harvard Shop and Group Gear are partnering to release a t shirt design contest exclusively for the Class of 2019!

To gear up for Visitas Weekend, Harvard's annual Freshman Visit Weekend from April 25-26th, 2015, we'll be choosing one of the designs for print and for eternal fame amongst the class.

Here's a look at last year's winning design: (I have to shamefully admit that it took me a good year to beat this game...)

P.S. Thinking of all the applicants, and crossing our fingers here on campus for good luck and good news!

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  1. I think everyone is going to enjoy this event and your idea is perfect. It will be amazing to see who will manage to create a design which will win the hearts of everyone present at Harvard.