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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bowling with HSA

I'm not a bowler: when I was growing up, it felt like my friends would be having their birthday party at the bowling alley in our town every weekend. I like to say I was averse to the sport because I didn't like the (often smelly) rented shoes, but if I'm being honest with you all, it's mostly because I've never been a good bowler..

I'll profess that I'm pretty competitive, but only when it comes to organized sports or games. I don't participate in academic competitiveness; the kind of spirit that can be felt generally at a school like Harvard. Students compare themselves to other students, stack their extra-curricular activities to those of their next door neighbor, and learn to ask slyly what cool internship that guy in your statistics class snagged for the summer. Luckily, there's a large cohort of students who like to keep away from that sort of competitiveness!

I like to let out my competitive steam in low-risk situations, but when we get started, there's no turning back. I'll keep going, I'll start yelling, jumping up and down, challenging my opponents, the works. I swear, I'm probably the worst person to play a game of Monopoly with. 

But on the lanes? I'd be the worst. 

Yesterday, the managers at Harvard Student Agencies went on a company-wide bowling excursion after hours to practice for a league tournament hosted by one of our board members, Michael Cronin '75, MBA '77. This tournament is an annual tradition for Cronin, and brings together a number of the private equity firms around Boston for a night of bowling, fun, and a good dose of (friendly) competition.

Look at Jullian, repping out best-seller Harvard Crest T-Shirt on the lanes. Hmm, and maybe it's a lucky t-shirt--Julian bowled #5!

And here's Bowl 4 the Goal featuring Ice Cube, Tupac, Player 5, Puff Daddy, and Outkast (pictured left to right). Yup, we get real into the game. 

We probably need a bit more practice before we bowl with the big shots at the tournament next week, but hey, practice makes perfect!

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