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Saturday, June 13, 2015

How to get around Boston: Biker's Guide

Cambridge, and the greater Boston area, is made for bikers. With bike lanes lining every major road, cars known to stop for pedestrians (cars are so nice on the east coast--I'm from California, and pedestrians definitely do not get the right of way) keep their distance from bikers and make lots of room for us. Students, part-time workers, stay-at-home moms, and business men/women alike take to the roads, especially because Boston's a nightmare to navigate in a car during rush hour, and because the summer is meant to enjoyed outside, riding with the wind beneath your wings (well, you know what I mean). 

When you get views like this, how can you not go biking? I know that "cycling" is a recent fad that's sweeping the nation, and although I tend to gravitate away from "trendy" things that I feel are more ephemeral than cool, I get cycling. I wish I could get all those cool gadgets and a nice bike, but alas, I'll have to make do with my little Huffy mountain bike. But hey, it gets me everywhere, so I really can't complain!

But seriously, can you get enough of these views? You can't go wrong standing on any of the many bridges that arch over the Charles River, the main river that separates Boston and Cambridge. The water is the perfect shade of blue, and wow, it's breath-taking. 

The other day, I went on a bike ride with a friend, with our destination set as the Boston Public Gardens. We took the scenic route, taking us along the Charles, and leaving us breathless every revolution of our wheels. Dressed in my new Harvard cropped yoga pants (if I could wear yoga pants every day, honestly, I would) and my newest H racerback tank, we bike about 5 miles that day, stopping (mostly at my request) to take in the views and of course snap some pictures. 

So have I convinced you yet that you need a bike if you're staying in Boston for the summer?

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