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Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer in Boston: Museum of Fine Arts

I'll be the first to admit that the school year often gets the best of me, so despite going to school so close to one of the most well-known, historically-rich, and bustling cities in the states, I'm like every other Harvard student who keeps herself pretty well situated in what we like to fondly call the "Harvard bubble."

The Harvard Bubble. Harvard is what we students like to think is interchangeable with the larger Cambridge area, but really, Harvard makes up a tiny portion of the city. There's way more to see, much more to do, and many other people to meet just outside the tall, iron gates that enclose the Harvard Yard into its space encircled by Massachusetts Avenue. It's just that during the school year, it's hard to explore (sigh, talk about the p-sets, the 20 page papers, etc).

BUT IT'S THE SUMMER! It's the time to make things count, to burst the bubble, and to re-energize and re-fuel with and through the myriad of activities & events that make Boston/Cambridge the best place to be in the summer as a college student. 

> let's be artsy & cultured <

With more that 45,000 pieces of art from contemporary to Asian to European to Ancient art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (we like to call it the MFA 'round here) has it all, and all at a $0 cost (free admission for all Harvard students with a school ID). 

If you were to take your clipboard and take a survey of the students around Harvard on a given day during the academic year, I'm sure that you'd find that most people haven't made their way to the MFA. Yeah... it's a 30 minute T ride away, but well, well worth it. Come on, it's beautiful. With pieces by Monet, Picasso, and rotating exhibits featuring a range of amazing artists & sculptors, the MFA is a cultural oasis that just has to be on everyone's Boston summer bucket list.

Just last week, I visited the MFA for the first time since starting at Harvard and wandered through the exhibits, absorbing all of the beauty and the history. (see the pictures below for a look at MFA through my eyes)

P.S. - It's air-conditioned (you'll be thanking me when the sun turns relentless and you're sweating bullets)

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