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Saturday, June 6, 2015

THS on Class & Commencement Days!

It all feels like a blur now, but just over a week ago, our 20-something team of managers set up camp in the Harvard Yard on Class Day and Commencement Day (the two biggest and crowd-attracting events featured in the Commencement lineup). Our The Harvard Shop Pop-Up Shop was fun, active, filled with music, and was a change to the often melancholy and contemplative mood that comes with graduation ceremonies. 

Team pictures!

We were smiles all day long because the Cambridge weather-gods were kind enough to forgo the forecasted weather of thunderstorms, and instead gave us easy, breezy May sunshine!

But sometimes, we needed a break too (even our Managing Director, Jess Li)

 Thanks to everyone who stopped by and shopped at our tent! See you in one year at the Class of 2016's Commencement!

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