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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Daytripping in Boston: Food Adventures

Last week, I blogged about my road tripping adventure to Portland with my co-workers at Harvard Student Agencies. Apart from the breath-taking views of the waters and the historic, grand lighthouses that guard the ports of Maine, Portland boasts an incredible foodie culture. From gourmet eateries like Duckfat to ice creameries visited by influential American Presidents, Portland is a hub for hipster traveling in the Northeast.

We were famished by noon, and everybody needed an hour-long iPhone battery charge. I had my trusty Harvard Charge Pack (I made sure to grab one before a road trip -- can you prove you did something fun when you don't have any pictures? Not in today's social media-obsessed world...), but even so, we were all just itching to get our battery levels back up to 100%. 

We found Eventide Oyster Co., an oyster bar/classic New England fare restaurant that had the most inventive renditions of the dishes we've come to know and love. Fish and chips, lobster rolls, and oysters will never taste the same after you've come here!\

Boston is big on oysters, with plenty of restaurants hosting a $1/oyster nights around the city most nights of the week. Being a New England coastal city, we get the freshest of seafoods, and so oysters are not anything new your average Bostonian. I've got to say, however, that the sampling of different types of oysters that we had at Eventide were unparalleled. 

So if you're a #foodie and you have a free weekend this summer, make sure Portland, ME is one your list!


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