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Friday, July 24, 2015

Learning How To Cook

I'll always be the first person in the room to admit that I don't know to cook -- my mom was adamant about keeping the kitchen her space when I was growing up, and as a result, I didn't know how to use a toaster until I was a sophomore in high school. Yup, I was that kid.

College hasn't been much better -- Harvard has a school-wide, grade-wide rule that if you're living on-campus, you're also on the meal plan. On top of that, there's just 1 meal plan (all you can eat, 3+ times a day!). Because of this, the dining halls become the main social spaces at Harvard. If you come by during meal time, you'll see hoards of college students chatting, doing homework, holding meetings, practicing lines for their new play... you name it, it's happening in the dining halls. My favorite is Kirkland House's dining room, painted yellow with huge windows that let the sunshine in.

So yes, we as Harvard students are getting coddled by the amazing food that the dining services provides us... bringing me back to my point that we never learn how to cook for ourselves. Okay, I might be speaking for myself when I say this, but really, I just don't know how to cook!

This summer living on my own, and working with other fellow 20 year olds who have to grocery shop, cook, and clean for themselves has been an awesome experience. I haven't cooked too much for myself, but I have been doing lots of group meals with friends!

Last week was Jordan's (The Harvard Shop's Web Manager) birthday, so he had us all over for a celebration dinner. Homemade wings, pasta salad, bruschetta, and fresh fruit -- what more can you ask for?

We may be college students, but we're on our way to adulthood, and we have to learn how to subsist one more than a burrito bowl from Chipotle sooner or later!

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