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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Meet the Managers: Riya Patel

Can't believe we've already surpassed the better part of July! T-minus 5.5 weeks until the new school year starts... I (and the other Harvard students slowly, slowly recovering from lack of sleep and extra-curricular draining) am coming to terms with the reality that the sweet taste of summer will feel like just a dream in a few week's time, but I'll be taking advantage of every last minute of summer liberation!

Continuing on The Harvard Shop Blog's special feature on our student managers, here's a guest post written by Group Gear's managing director, Riya Patel '17. (P.S. If you're in need of any personalized clothes, accessories, bags, or really, just anything you need personalized for your family, your club, your sorority or fraternity, check out for the lowest prices ever!)

Hi! I’m Riya and I’m the Manager of GroupGear, The Harvard Shop’s custom merchandise business. I’m from the beautiful state of Vermont with green mountains, cows, maple syrup and Ben&Jerry’s (you’re welcome); so it’s exciting to be in Cambridge, close to a bustling city with endless fun.

I have a little sister who’s a gazillion times more talented in the arts than me, so my parents always wonder what went wrong with me. Unfortunately for them, that doesn’t stop me from dancing in the kitchen or singing (at least attempting to) at the top of my lungs at home.

I love fluffy animals and want a dog. But I’m allergic…so that poses a slight problem. Maybe I’ll just get a pet turtle instead.

I’m currently a sophomore in Kirkland House concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in Economics and a citation in Spanish. One day, I hope to have a career in international relations and global development.

Life at Harvard Student Agencies:
As GroupGear Manager, I work with my partner in crime (aka the Operations Manager), Lucy Slack, to carry out a simple and streamlined process for our customers, vendors and suppliers to produce custom merchandise for groups on campus and beyond. We’ll make sure your squad looks fresher than ever for your next big event! Through my job at HSA, I’ve learned more about business, budgets, customer service, marketing, web development, etc. than I could have ever imagined. Plus, we have milkshake Mondays at our team meetings in the office so life here just couldn’t be better.

Outside of HSA, I serve as a Representative on Harvard’s Undergraduate Council, give tours for the Admissions Office, and row IM Crew for KHouse best house.

In my free time, I love traveling, jamming to throwbacks with friends, being outdoors, giving hugs, laughing a lot and eating food (especially burritos).

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