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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer in Boston: Take a Day Trip!

Summer sounds like the perfect time to visit the Northeast -- well, with the picturesque towns, quaint communities, and the history that's brimming from every little corner of the region, I don't blame you for wanting to visit Boston. 

What's more is that the summer months are when the most Harvard campus tours are going on, and a number of my friends are taking the summer to brush up on their presentation skills & giving tours through the Harvard Admissions Office or other tour companies like The Hahvahd Tours. There are thousands and thousands of tourists filtering in and out of Cambridge/the Harvard campus, so if you're from around here, the summer makes for the ideal time for a nice escape.

Being working students, we only had the weekend. But being 20-year-old students, we were up for "roughing it," and took a 4 hour drive up to Portland, Maine after work on Friday. 

That night, got to our campsite in Maine (after some snack pit stops... aka KFC drive-thru?), and set up our 4 person tent. We got to bed pretty early so that we could get up early and spend the better part of the day exploring Portland. 

Captured a cool shot of Charlie Gibbons, Harvard Student Agencies' Marketing & Distribution's Marketing Account Manager.

One of the most famous lighthouses in Portland! 

Bryant Yang, Harvard Student Agencies' Vice President and Liz Stebbins, Harvard Student Agencies' Marketing & Distributions Managing Director, soaking in the sun. 

I'm a super big fan of the water (I grew up in Southern California, 5 minutes from the beach), so being back near the coast was such a welcome vacation. So much fun exploring new places, new sights, and new eateries (watch out for the next post on Portland's food!) -- hey, Harvard students can have fun, too!