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Friday, August 21, 2015

Coffee Connoisseurs at Harvard

Let's be frank: without caffeine, I don't know where I'd be right now. I've been drinking coffee since elementary school (my dad would always make a pit stop at the gas station's coffee counter before he dropped me off at school, and I got to take some pretty big sips). My exposure to coffee so early on probably explains why I stopped growing at age 12, but it was too much a part of my routine to let go!

In college especially, coffee is a requirement, if not a lifeline for long nights at the library, early morning exams, and the days that feel as if they stretch for a lifetime. Luckily, there are a few institutional coffee shops on/near the Harvard campus, so we never have to go a day without a caffeine boost!

A Coffee Connoisseur's Guide to Harvard

For coffee enthusiasts, coffee is no joke. A Keurig drip coffee just won't do it for us -- we're all about finding awesome great ambience + coffee brewed with love that will satisfy our caffeine needs for the day. Taking into consideration environment, decor, authenticity, and staff friendliness, I'll be ranking five of the main places that Harvard students frequent for coffee, teas, and the like!

1) dwelltime. To describe dwelltime in a couple words: authentic, so-so-good (wanted to emphasize how good it really is). The menu is short, but that doesn't mean that their coffees don't pack a punch. From authentic cold brews to cortados that have the perfect mix of espresso and milk, dwelltime is the perfect getaway from the Harvard campus for a short coffee break. Distance from Harvard: 15 min. walk. Worth it? I think so.

2) Starbucks in the Square. The location is what puts this Starbucks high on my list. Located right in the heart of Harvard Square, just a minute walk from the main Harvard Yard, this location is packed with tourists and travelers and students alike, boasting lots of seating and outlets (a must when you're a student trying to frantically finish a paper before the midnight deadline). Plus, it's open until 1AM on weekdays, so for last minute attempts at staying up the night to study for that exam we should have started studying for, this Starbucks comes in clutch. You don't know how many hours I've spent people watching/studying here, cooped up in my little corner!

3) Cafe Gato Rojo. A quaint cafe located right under Dudley House, one of the houses in the centrally-located Harvard Yard, it's student-run and has the coziest ambience. A+ for environment and quality of tea -- plus, your best friend may be the one making your espresso shot! Perfect for long nights of readings on readings when libraries get too soul-wrenchingly disheartening, and your bedroom is too tempting for "quick" naps. 

4) Starbucks in the Science Center, Harvard. In between classes, before lecture, after lecture, during lecture -- this Starbucks doesn't judge. Trust me, their Chai tea lattes are the bomb. Plus, every student at Harvard gets $60 of "board plus" credited to their student accounts, so we get to spend that cash credit on all of the Chai tea lattes that we desire!

5) Your dorm room. I don't know about you, but I love drinking coffee or tea in my PJ's, from the comfort of my own home. During the school year, my dorm room is home, and I always make the effort to make it as cozy as can be. My roommates and I always have tons of pillows, rugs, mugs, and the yummiest teas stocked! I have the Harvard speckled mug, and the classic Harvard mug


  1. Geez, I wish my university had had coffee shops like this. Although, actually, it's probably a good thing they didn't, or I would have probably ended up blowing all the little money I did have on coffee!