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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer fitness goals

If I've learned anything at Harvard in my last two years here, it's that most Harvard students are your typical type A kids who love setting goals. Harvard kids are big goal-setters, and especially over the summer when things get a lot less structured and a lot more ambiguous, I know summer goals are a way of keeping me on my self-determined track to personal improvement and development. 

One of my summer 2015 goals is to stay fit and exercise five times a week. It's a pretty tough goal, especially with working 9-5 business hours, but it feels good to get my blood pumping and feeling my stamina growing. Who knows, maybe I'll run a marathon one day (#lifegoals)! But for now, I'll keep to my morning-before-work workout regiment, and keep motivating myself by buying the latest athletic wear!

The Harvard Shop rolled out a new Athletic Wear line for the summer/fall of 2015, including gym-friendly and sweat-friendly t-shirts including a performance tee & the Veritas tee, and the comfiest workout pants/lounge around all day every day like these running shorts and these yoga pants (if I could wear yoga pants every day, I totally would). 

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