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Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy first day of classes!

Did the new school year actually just start? 

Time flies. The new 2015-16 academic year at Harvard has just begun, with what we at Harvard like to call "Shopping Week" to kick off the school year. Shopping Week is traditionally a weeklong period of free-for-all class taking (or you know, you could sleep in all day if you really wanted to) for students to take a class for a spin before deciding to enroll in the course. For commitment-phobes, Shopping Week's the perfect excuse for doing everything and going to everything. Like collecting syllabi for fun? Shopping Week's the bomb.

For students like me, Shopping Week can be stressful -- too many classes I want to take, too little time! At Harvard, the average semesterly load is 4 classes, but we are free to take up to 6 (though really, you shouldn't. Definitely don't). 

Apart from classes, activities, friends, and 2 hour-long meals in the dining hall are all starting up, and it's so nice to have Harvard beating with life again! 

Cheers to the new school year!

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