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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Start of the school year: Tips for Success

There's no denying it: the school year has officially begun. 

It's a crazy time of the year across the country, and as college students, life goes from 0 to 100 really quickly. We went from meeting up casually with friends to catch up about summer to staying up late nights to catch up on readings, scheduling dinners with old friends to squeezing in a PBJ sandwich in between classes, and the like. Things are fresh, things are new, and the new school year always brings with it a flurry of changes. 

Here's some tips & tricks to get through the first weeks of school:

1) Don't lose your ID. You need it to get everywhere. From your dorm, classrooms, and most importantly, the dining hall (food!!!), you need your ID everywhere you go. Every freshman is welcomed with a Harvard Lanyard, so the key is to never lose your lanyard (admittedly, it gets challenging when everyone else has the same lanyard). 

2) Stock up on winter essentials. Everything is on sale now preemptively for the impending winter chill that is to befall Cambridge in the coming months. Rain, sleet, snow, and the perpetual winter storms that haunt the East Coast (very Elsa-like, I might add) will make you wish you bought 3984083 puffy winter coats.

3) Eat breakfast. Trust me -- I know its tempting to roll out of bed at 12PM and roll to your 1PM class (first one of the day, I might add?), but I've learned in my last 2 years of college that my days are always better when I have breakfast. I feel better and so much happier!

4) Get a water bottle. You're going to be on the move, and rather than carrying a bottle of soda or fruit drink around, you're good to go with a handy water bottle to refill whenever you're empty. I'll also add that drinking water throughout the day keeps you feeling refreshed and renewed. 

5) Keep your head up! Smile -- it's a new academic year! New activities, new passions to discover, new classes to fall in love with, and new (as well as old) friends to deeper relationships with. 

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