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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Reimagining the Classic H Sweater: Jack Kelley '19

Continuing the series on the awesome campus ambassadors that I had the chance to get to know, chat with, and photograph for the recent Reimagined H Sweater campaign held by The Harvard Shop, I'm way excited to share these fun photos of Jack Kelley, a freshman at the college with a lot of energy, a lot of character, and a killer beat to which he dances to "Watch Me" (trust me, you'll see). He's definitely a force to be reckoned with, and with his contagious smile and hilarious personality, Jack makes this sweater his own. 

What activities are you involved in on campus? Undergraduate Council, Black Men's Forum, College-100One thing you wish you could do at Harvard? Open the cool fire escape door between the connecting rooms in my dorm so we could have a mega-dorm.One tradition you could start at Harvard? I'd love to start a tradition where freshmen don't feel the need to wear their lanyard with their keys around there neck almost religiously. Seriously, put them in your pocket or something.Weirdest moment in the dhall? When a professor's kid yelled out, "Daaaaaad!" and to break the silence, all I could say was "... Well he's not mine."Favorite study place at Harvard? The common room in my dorm. It helps me get out of my actual bedroom so I can see my roommates. We tend to ask each other questions for the classes we share together, which is really helpful. And when I finish, I can feel free to just relax on the futon instead of sleeping on the table in Lamont. 
Why are you a campus ambassador? Because I wanted to change the image Harvard has within its own community. Right now, there's this idea of perfection and people assume everything has to be formal and proper. In reality, not everything here is like that, and I wanted to showcase not only the preppy side of the school, but also the characteristics that are very prevalent that just don't fit the stereotype of "Harvard".
What's your spirit animal? A minion. Yes, the ones from Despicable Me.
How many tourist photos have you photobombed? At one point I sat in on a Chinese tour group for 45 minutes before someone said anything, so it's been quite a few photobombs. Now, when I see the tourists photographing me, I pose for their pictures. Sometimes I will even go take a selfie with them. (No, really)
How you defy the Harvard stereotype? I'm not afraid to play trap music in the shower
Why you're wearing the H sweater? Because it's starting to get cold outside, and I can't deny that the words "100 percent wool" are more than slightly comforting.
What does inclusivity mean to you? Inclusivity means being yourself and not confining yourself to the standards set by your society or community. It's being the real you, but also accepting other people's real them, and using both as a way to grow yourself.


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