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Monday, October 19, 2015

Taking advantage of the changing season

As I've mentioned so many times, autumn is probably the most enchanting time of the year. They say New England dwellers have something called "winter amnesia" - despite the almost desolate and frustratingly cold winters, when the weather is looking up, we fall right back in love our cities, forgetting how excruciatingly long winter stretches (seriously, snow from November to April?). 

This past weekend, my coworker Jordan and I took advantage of the beautiful changing leaves on the trees inside Harvard Yard, burning brightly in contrast to the gray weather we've been experiencing this week. I'm in the process of transitioning Max, pictured below, in to the Web + Marketing role at The Harvard Shop, and it's funny to think that I was in his shoes just one year ago, admiring the metamorphosis of Harvard Yard and directing my models to laugh on cue. 

Max did a great job with his photos, which you'll get to see full coverage on right here on the blog. It's definitely bundling and layering time in Cambridge, so I've been seeing tons of Harvard sweatshirts layered under anything from puffer vests to peacoats and even your occasional heavy winter coat (personally, I'm holding out until at least November to pull that baby out). 

p.s. If you're thinking at all about making a visit to Cambridge during the fall, I whole-heartedly recommend it. It's hands-down the most beautiful, magical time of the year, so come come come!


  1. Wow.. some of the best Cambridge snap shots i have ever seen this autumn. I love the way you are celebrating every moment of this awesome season. Happy Season:)


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