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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

When Halloween hits on a weekend

Let's just say that you know you're in college when Halloween falls on a weekend, and everybody around you has dubbed that holiday, "Halloweekened." With midterm season rolling in over the course of the past few weeks, and the fact that midterm "season" has proven to be more of a "perpetual state of being" rather than a measly short-term "season," the weekend was a much needed breath of fresh air that gave the whole campus a couple days to relax and let your mind wander onto topics like, "what wig do I need to complete this costume?" "What ridiculous pun can I come up with that makes my costume make so much more sense?"

My favorite costumes of the weekend:  Netflix & Chill, Harvard Tourists (wearing The Harvard Shop's own Harvard Crest T-Shirt and carrying one of our shopping bags), and the 2nd Amendment's Right to Bear Arms - imagine stuffed animal bears strapped to both arms (not pictured). 

Who says you ever grow out of playing dress up? 


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