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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Finals Season

The cold really has not set in yet in Cambridge, but finals season definitely has. In Currier, my house, our usually warm and cheery dining hall has been overtaken by a new species of Lamonster that has escaped the confines of that Harvard Yard-bound library. Empty eyes and overstuffed heads abound as withered feet shuffle lifelessly around Currier halls. That lunch that students keep saying they will catch with their friends keeps being postponed with apologies of being too busy studying, too tired from studying, or too studied from studying. The air is thick with a strange combination of both stress and apathy as students battle whether they care enough to secure that last-minute grade boost or whether they give up and eke out the bare minimum to at least stick it out until their flight back home. I myself have been curled in my bed, scrolling mindlessly through pictures from Harvard-Yale Weekend to remind myself of happier times. I love Harvard, and I think it is important to remember that the seemingly-interminable winter of finals season is but one aspect of a comprehensive Harvard experience that includes joyful times with friends and surprise visits from family. You can and will succeed!


  1. I think final season is favourite by almost all the students because despite of the fact that they wont be able to meet their friends so often,they get a chance to get break from studies.

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