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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Ugly Sweater 2.0

It's that time of year again; finals are coming whether you like it or not, cold air is seeping into dorm rooms despite Harvard's feeble heating systems, and Grandmother's lovingly-knit sweater is proudly rearing its ugly head again. For thirty-one glorious December days, baubles, rhinestones, and garish depictions of various holiday characters are completely acceptable to display in broad daylight. This year, however, holiday cheer and pop culture have combined to create a revamped ugly holiday sweater, which I like to call The Ugly Sweater 2.0. The Ugly Sweater 2.0 is not your Grandmother's sweater; it takes advantage of screen-printing technology to feature pop culture influences from Adele's hit new song "Hello" and unforgettable moments in President Obama's speeches -- even rapper 2 Chainz has joined in on the fun with his new pop culture holiday sweater fashion line.  In my humble opinion, however, the best Ugly Sweater 2.0 I have seen this season are the versions featuring musical artist  (and perhaps love of my life) Drake. Affectionately named "Holiday Bling," this sweater is a screen-printed play on his make-you-want-to-call-your-ex-while-crying-and-eating-chocolate hit song "Hotline Bling." The greatest part of the Holiday Bling Ugly Sweater 2.0 is that it has made its way to Harvard!

Harvard students and holiday sweater trend setters Amanda Fang and Margot Ssen rocking some Holiday Bling

Happy Holidays from The Harvard Shop to You!


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  2. haha nah the winters are going to be nasty but winters are best they come with a lot of events Halloween Christmas and a lot fun during snowfall i loved these ugly sweaters and i love to stay ugly B)

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