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Saturday, February 13, 2016

#NewYear #NewUs

Happy New Year! I hope your winter breaks were full of fun, family, and most importantly - sleep! While you all were busy stuffing your faces with food that's only so heartbreakingly good because it's not HUDS, the Harvard Shop was hard at work building a new store for 2016!

Located at the Garage right next to the haven of indescribably amazing yet painfully unnecessary bath items that is Lush, the new Harvard Shop is now open and ready to keep both you and your ego warm as winter temperatures start to dip below zero this season.

Arms feeling like they're going to fall off while you wait for the infernally late shuttle at the Widener stop? Layer up with one of these comfy sweatshirts!

Backpack not cutting it? Need a fashionable way to hold all of your books and subtly represent every New England stereotype ever at the same time? Rock this stylish Vineyard Vines x Crimson Collection Tote (way better than Yeezy x Adidas, trust me).

Don't see enough of Harvard even though you're on this campus 24/7 from Fall to Spring (though spring has a very loose meaning here)? Get this book of Harvard snapshots, Life in Crimson, and place it on the nearest empty coffee table! #classy #coffeetablebooks #stilldontreallyunderstandthem

 Still don't have a bae after Valentine's Day? This Harvard Shop has got you covered with its adorable plushie animal collection, modeled by Sales Associate Gianna Cacciatore!

Stay warm, stay safe, and be sure to visit the new Harvard Shop soon!