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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Singles Awareness Day

Perhaps there is no more prophetic way to experience one's singledom so acutely than to shiver and suffer alone in below zero tempertuares on Singles Awareness Day (also known as Valentine's Day for those more fortunate). Roses are red/ Violets are, no -- more like "My cheeks are whipped red/ My fingers are turning blue/ The weather is frigid/ And my heart is, too." It was so cold on that frigid February Sunday the 14th that today's mid-40s have people revealing more than the accidental wrist skin exposed between the glove and the jacket sleeve. People are actually waving to each other in the streets instead of scurrying, head down, to their rooms like so many Harvard-educated rabbits escaping to their rabbit holes. Friends are hugging, strangers are talking in lines at Felipe's and Crema, and maybe, just maybe, love IS in the air, after all<3 And if not, get a Crimson teddy bear from Harvard Shop's 15% online sale this week - they're fluffy and will always text back :)


  1. I probably sound like a cold person but I just don’t like Valentine’s Day. Single or not I just think it’s too cheesy and tacky for someone like me.

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