Celebrating Harvard with The One Ring

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2019-04-08T04:00:00.000Z10 days ago
The One Ring memorializes students' proudest achievements and happiest memories during their time at Harvard.
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It's hard to believe that it has been more than a month since our campus was buzzing with the sound of eager, proud parents. Junior Parents Weekends brought rare occurrences like the dining halls being all dolled up to give parents a taste of the fine dining we are graced with about once a year during Visitas, Freshman Parents Weekend, and the like. It included the kinds of events parents love like a kick-off show featuring everything from speeches by President Faust and Dean Khurana to a performance by Harvard's very own marching band. And most uniquely (at least in our humble opinion), the festivities included the One Ring Ceremony, an event that only happens during Junior Parents Weekend and the place where the junior class gets to unveil their class ring for the very first time.

The One Ring is an exquisite gold or silver class ring manufactured by our partner Balfour. These rings are engraved with the student's own clubs, house, and graduation year. Students have the challenge of choosing their two top memories at Harvard (one for each side of the ring) including selecting from their residential house shield to their favorite student organization's insignia.

If students did not order a class ring in time for the One Ring Ceremony, they do not have to worry about missing out on memorializing their time at Harvard. One Rings are available to order online on Balfour at any time. However, we strongly suggest that students who wish to graduate with their One Rings to order soon before the commencement rush!

Jenny Leight headshot