Spring has Arrived - All is S'well

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2019-04-14T04:00:00.000Z4 days ago
The Harvard Shop now sells S'well® bottles in all retail locations
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Cambridge is known for its windy, cloudy, and snowy weather between November and March. The unpleasant climate can make getting to class difficult for Harvard undergraduates both because our dorms are cozily heated and because slippery 17th century cobblestone can be unfriendly to untrained out-of-state students. Now that we have seen the sun for almost three days in a row, could it be that Spring is finally, permanently here?

If you are thinking of visiting Harvard for a campus tour or are thinking of stopping by Harvard when visiting the greater Boston area, I strongly suggest that you come in late April and early May. Our short bout of spring beauty is absolutely wonderful - trees are flowering, students are smiling, and an unfathomable number squirrels storm the yard reclaim their territory. Spring and early summer is when Harvard gets its most outside visitors, with prospective students visiting in a couple of weeks and tour groups already beginning to pour in by the bus.

Spring is also the time that Harvard students lose their Canada Goose parkas, put their LL Bean duck boots in storage (but keep their Timberlands with them), and put away their remaining pairs of unmatched fuzzy socks. Interestingly, once Harvard students decide that spring has begun, they fully commit. Even if the weather turns for the worse and throws a 40-degree thunderstorming curveball at us, you can still spot students stubbornly wearing athleisure with sunglasses and Birkenstocks.

This is also the prime time to catch amazing deals on winter clearance at The Harvard Shop such as the Women's Pro-Weave Crewneck. You can also pick up one of our new Harvard branded S'well® bottles in our retail locations: 34 JFK Street, 52 JFK Street, and 65 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge Massachusetts.

Jenny Leight headshot