Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life At Harvard: Cutest Babies And Dogs Spotted On Campus

Jess, Lowell House, Class of 2017

Do you go home every day, wrap yourself into a human burrito and search pictures of baby hedgehogs like this one?

While we certainly agree that this a worthwhile exercise, we propose an alternate solution to add some variety to your routine. In terms of things that will make you feel better about life, few can rival the effectiveness of babies and dogs. Since we couldn’t decide which is definitively cuter, we combined the two to create your newest go-to post when you’re in need of a little pick-me-up. With that, we present to you the "6 Cutest Babies and Dogs of Harvard"

Doesn’t this pair look like they dominate dog shows? And with that dog’s scarf, we know he’s ready to take on Harvard.

Parents or soon-to-be parents: Take a note here – this is how you get your kid noticed by Ivy League schools. Dress your kid for success by getting the full look here (and don’t forget the mug).

This is probably the most photogenic dog I’ve ever seen. You know what would be even better? If that dog was wearing this shirt.

Forget Beamer, Benz, and Bentleys – this is the real way to ride in style.

This baby is undoubtedly a model in the making. Looks like she could use some water though.

And Finally, 1.
This baby tops the list in all aspects: pose, facial expression, and apparel. She is truly Harvard bound. Dad is showing his enthusiasm in this tee.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Life At Harvard: Top 5 Drinks You See at Harvard

Welcome to the first post in our new blog series -- Life At Harvard! The Harvard Shop has invited Harvard students to write about their Harvard experience -- any topic they want! This first post comes from the Harvard Bartending Course. Check out their course if you would like to go above and beyond the stuff Harvard students are consuming...

Written by Eric, Class of 2016

1. Rubinoff (topped off with … well, more Rubi)
Every college has a brand of cheap vodka that dominates. Rubinoff is the freshman classic – practically a rite of passage into sophomore year.

“Mixers? Pshh, it was hard enough getting this Rubinoff.”

2. Natural Light (in a red solo cup, of course)
Harvard students graduate, so to speak, from straight Rubinoff to cheap beer. This means that, instead of drinking for 1 hour and passing out for 6, they can drink for 3 hours and pass out for 5!

“So we can get drunk AND play games? SICK”

3. Rum and Coke
Invented by a Harvard student who had access to half a bottle of Rum and a dining hall full of fountain drinks, the Rum and Coke is a tried and true Harvard classic. (Disclaimer: not actually invented by a Harvard student)

“Cuba Libre? Nah, Rum and Coke please”

4. Gin and Tonic
After attending their first open bar and tasting everything on the menu, Harvard students discover the world’s most popular drink.

5. Apple Cider
Inevitably, you will see a case of these at a party, and the person who brought it will be the most popular person until they are all gone in 3 minutes.

“So it doesn’t have to burn on the way down?”

And in the end, don't forget to get your Harvard shot glass for these drinks to really live the life at Harvard!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Harvard Square Crash Course -- part I FOOD

...for the student with a modest budget and a spirit for adventure.

1 // FOOD


There are two types of Chinese food out there, and the Kong (short for The Hong Kong) and Yenching will satisfy your cravings on either side.

For those who like their deep-fried, cheese-filled crab rangoons, sweet meats, and dubiously brown dishes, the Kong (open until 1 or 2am) is perfect for those late-night munchies and drunken outings. But for those who long for authentic Chinese cuisine, Yenching is your closest bet in the Square if you know what to order. Try their spicy salted dry-fried pork, fish slices with vegetables, or popular kung-pao chicken.

For Vietnamese, Le's will provide you with deliciously light summer rolls, vermicelli, and heartwarming pho noodle soup. Tip: when you're hungry but not that hungry, get an extra large bowl of beef noodle soup and split it with a friend.

Oh, and don't forget the delicious Thai restaurants such as 9 Tastes and Spice, as well as Indian restaurants Chutney's (fast Indian food in the Garage) and Tanjore's.


We've all heard of Mr. Bartley's burgers, but Flat Patties is a true hidden gem that holds a special spot in the hearts of students and local residents. Try their Forager burger (sautéed mushrooms, swiss cheese & horseradish sauce) if you're a mushroom fan, the South of the Border (Jalapeno relish, avocado, cilantro aioli & jack cheese) for a Latin American-inspired twist, or the yummy fish sandwich for a lighter option. Then top it all off with a side of fresh cut french fries, and revel in the delight that is a tasty and inexpensive meal.

Tasty Burger is open latest into the night (3am), and different students have different feelings towards Tasty. Some love it, but others think everything is very greasy and salty. If you order anything, try the Tasty, featuring their signature sauce. Shake Shack just just joined the family earlier this year, and soon became a popular burger spot. They have amazing custards and shakes, but french fries are not their forte.


Harvard Square offers no dearth of options for Mexican fast food. Boloco's, Qdoba, Felipe's, and Chipotle -- we've got it all. For sit-down group dinners, Border Cafe is an excellent option, with a bustling atmosphere, fairly priced food, and never-ending tortilla chips (the fajitas and margaritas are huge hits). Be careful when going on weekends, however; the wait can be excruciating.
(Tip: when going to Border, ask for condiments like sour cream on the side so you can portion them out yourself.)

For a more intimate, classy, and quiet setting - pricier yet perfect for dinner dates - Orinoco is a wonderful, tucked-away option. Fans recommend the ribs. Remember, Latin-American food doesn't have to be heavy; it's totally in your power to shape your meals and portions!


Noch's (short for Pinocchio's Pizza & Subs) is definitely the most famous pizza place on campus. They have been around forever, frequented by celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Matt Damon. Besides the rich history, Noch's pizzas are absolutely delicious and unforgettable. According to Flyby, even Noch’s plainest cheese pizza brings students flocking to the most boring of events. If you are living in the yard this summer, and do not feel the walk, Otto's -- conveniently located right across from Johnston Gate -- is also a great choice.

Al's in the Smith Campus Center is one of Harvard students' favorites as well -- serving humongous, greasy but delicious subs at a very reasonable price. No wonder it is always packed with hungry students and tourists.


For hearty, cheap breakfast/brunch diner food at any time of the day, try Zoe's and order a hefty helping of pancakes or a savory omelette. Russell House Tavern, while famous for its dinner entrees as well, also offers brunch entrees for $10-20 in a classier and more ambient setting; we recommend the Breakfast Pizza or The Benedict. Finally, for a relatively inexpensive, savory breakfast-on-the-go, try any of the breakfast burritos at Boloco. We love the Truck Stop! The smoothies are also yummy -- try the Jimmy Carter (banana, peanut butter, and milk), or the Berry Blitz for something fruitier.


JP Licks will always have spot-on sundaes, but don't deprive yourself of the boundless opportunities waiting just around the corner. Chocolate fanatics favor L.A. Burdick's, famous for their impossibly thick and rich hot chocolate; for cakes, tarts, and romantic dates involving cakes and tarts, visit Finale. For a new and inexpensive treat, try some mochi ice cream at Boston Tea Stop. And for the occasional splurge (dessert for two?), try the Liege Belgian waffles at Zinneken's for roughly $7 or $8 dollars. Add nutella, strawberries, bananas, and whatever your heart desires, then melt along with the first bite.

Meet the Model: Owen & Patrick

Meet the youngest models the Harvard Shop has ever had the honor to work with! Owen and Patrick were showing off their astonishingly good looks in our Harvard onesies, attracting much attention in the Harvard yard. It was so fun and wonderful to hang out with these two cuties, and we'd like to thank the moms, Shannon and Erin, for letting their precious babies model for us!

Mr. Owen William Legg (yes his initials are owl!)

Birthdate: August 11th, 2013 (10 months old)

Sign: Leo

Birthplace: Winter Park, FL

Favorite things:
Baseball bats, Dogs, His Daddy, Tour groups, the Talking Heads, Peekaboo, Piggy back rides, and banging any 2 objects together.

Diaper changes, Sleep, Kiwi, Sitting down in the tub, & Being buckled into anything.

Future Goals:
Some walking, talking and not crying when someone sneezes!

Mr. Patrick Seamus Moran

Birthdate: 1/31/2014 (4.5 months old)

Sign: Aquarius

Eating, Rolling, Chewing on anything, Pulling hair, Belly Raspberries, Snatching glasses, Owen, Books, Staring at cameras, Tooting

Sleeping, Any time spent not eating,  Car rides with Owen, People sneezing, Not being able to crawl yet, Sun in the face, Turning left

Future Goals:
Astronaut or Pilot of man-kinds first warp capable spaceship

Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet the Manager 2014 -- Sandy Liang

Sandy and her beloved Mt. Auburn Store!

Always hard at work
Or maybe not :)
As summer officially begins, the student managers at the Harvard Shop are also at the beginning of our full-time work. This time, we are featuring Sandy Liang '16 -- our wonderful operations manager!

Sandy is a native Bostonian, who is a rising junior in Kirkland House, studying Psychology. She loves music, action movies, and traveling. Sandy oversees all three of our physical stores -- from storefront to personnel. Although she is only a rising Junior in the college, she employs over 100 students throughout the year, including many graduate students.

Q: What would be your last meal on Earth?
A: My mom's lobster and noodle dish.

Q: If you could invite 5 famous people to your party, Who would they be?
A: Walt Disney, Jimmy Page, Coco Chanel, Steve Jobs, and Tina Fey.

Q: If you could learn any language in the world fluently, what would it be?
A: French because I want to go and live in Paris one day!

Q: What is the first thing to notice when you meet someone?
A: Their voice and their smile.

Q: What movie ending really frustrated you? And how would you change it?
A: Titanic! It's classic, but she really should have just moved over!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Congratulations, Class of 2014!

With commencement only 3 days away, we are busy preparing our stores for all the families and friends arriving on campus for the Class of 2014 Commencement! The Harvard Shop has worked with many seniors in the past four years and we would like to thank them for their hard work and creativity. We will never forget all the lasting memories we shared.

Last week, we took David '14 and Nicole '14 out for the last photoshoot of the spring semester. It was really inspiring, talking to them about their past four years and about where they are headed next.

Congratulations, class of 2014! We will most definitely miss your presence on campus next year, but we know you are off to do great things. Best of luck from all of us at The Harvard Shop! 

Check out our website to see our hand-picked products for the grads!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Best Dressed at Harvard 2014

Last month, the Harvard Shop hosted the Best Dressed at Harvard Competition. A big thank you to all 38 nominees who entered the competition! You all look beautiful and stylish, and we hope we will be able to work with you in the future!

After voting round, we now have our two winners with the most number of votes on Facebook. Jazmyne Reid '15 from Dunster House and Freddie Archibald '16 from Kirkland House both have very unique styles and have won hundreds of votes in the competition. Congratulations to them!

Unfortunately, Freddie could not make it to our photoshoot and decided to pass on the opportunity to 3rd place Trevor Mullin '17. So without further ado, let's look at these two beautiful people styling some of our Harvard Shop best-selling products!

The rainbow was not staged!