Friday, April 18, 2014

Class of 2018 T-Shirt Design Contest Winner!

After receiving many creative entries from members of Harvard's Class of 2018, The Harvard Shop team has decided on a winner! We wanted to find the most creative, simple, and timely design for next week, when hundreds of visiting students will be on campus for Harvard's visiting weekend. With great excitement, we are excited to present Christian Vazquez from Long Beach, California's design!

Like many of you, most of The Harvard Shop team has been hooked on the new addictive game, 2048. After the blood, sweat, and tears all of us have poured into the game, this design just resonated with us, in addition to being very clean, simple, and most of all, timely and creative!

We will have an exclusive, limited quantity of these shirts at our on campus store at 65 Mt. Auburn St. starting next Friday, April 25th, and they will be given out for free with a $15 dollar purchase to all visiting pre-frosh.

The Harvard Shop's three locations!
We also wanted give a shoutout to our runner-ups - David Liang and Hannah Byrne - both of them had very creative designs, so we'll be giving out free t-shirts to them as well!

We're so excited to see all of you at Harvard - come learn more about Harvard Student Agencies, the largest student-run business at the following events during VISITAS:

Saturday, 3-5PM at The Harvard Shop on 65 Mt. Auburn St.
Our open house event will feature many of our managers, food, and giveaways. This is also a great chance to pick up the 2018 Class T-Shirts!

Sunday, 2-4PM at the SOCH, 4th floor in Room P14
This is the business club open fair event, where you can learn more about HSA and other business groups on campus!

We want to thank everyone who submitted their designs - we had so many great submissions that we wish we could have chosen more to be printed. Again, congratulations to all of our winners, and hope to see you on campus soon!

<3 the Harvard Shop team

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet the Managers 2014 -- Ali Bayar

(Ali putting a sticker on our World Map documenting everywhere the Harvard Shop has reached!)
Outside of office, Ali appears to be classy and Harvard-y. Just look at that charming smile!

In office, he is more often like this.

This spring, we have decided to bring back the Meet the Manager Series! And for the first post, we are introducing our Managing Director -- Ali Bayar! As managing director, Ali leads the Harvard Shop team, but also models for the shop on important occasions.

Ali hails from Turkey and is a junior in Winthrop House. Driven by his passion in politics and business, he is pursuing a concentration in History with a secondary in Economics. Outside of HSA, Ali is a Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisor as well as a member of the Crimson Key Society. He indulges in all things Turkish, such as coffee and dangerous amounts of kebab, and will never turn down a game of FIFA.

Q: Last song you listened to?
A: The last song I listened to was "Lonely Boy" by the Black Keys. Great riff. I may or may not sing along to it in the shower.

Q: Last movie you watched? Favorite movie?
A: I just saw No Country for Old Men and it was absolutely amazing. BUT, not as good as my favorite movie, Star Wars: A New Hope. I mean, that scene where he's on the dunes and looking at the two suns...tears.

Q: Where’s the place to go if we want to find you?
A: Probably anywhere that serves decent coffee.

Q: If Hollywood were to make a movie about your life, who would you want to act your character?
A: Edward Norton. They'd need to brown him up a bit but I'm sure he'd do a great job. Or if I keep losing my hair...Stanley Tucci

Q: If you could trade place with someone (dead or alive, real or fictional), who would it be?
A: Any one of Will Smith's kids.

Q: How do you make your sandwich?
A: By fooling myself that Chipotle mayo isn't as bad for you as regular mayo. Also turkey.

Q: Special Talents?
A: Much to the dismay of my roommates and anyone who's know me for 5 minutes, I do a pretty good Christopher Walken impression.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

IVY does Harvard Shop

Ivy is a new show that explores a unique and alternative take on life at Harvard and the Ivy Leagues, exploring its everyday perks, quirks, and the crazy adventure that happens there. Who knows this better than its student actors and producers, and the entire staff of The Harvard Shop, all of whom are current Harvard undergraduates!

Given our similar stories, it made sense for us to get together and pair the two in a photo-shoot – Ivy’s good-looking cast with The Harvard Shop apparel – designed and produced by the THS team.

Check out the fantastic results below!

We had some surprise guests joining! Apparently Chinese tourists are excited for this photoshoot too!

More photos available on our Facebook Page:

To find out more about Ivy, click here! To explore more apparel from The Harvard Shop, click here!

Friday, February 28, 2014

New Year, New Team

February is almost over, which means our first month as the new management team of The Harvard Shop (THS) has come to a close. It’s been a great time so far, but we’re just getting started - first with the relaunch of our THS blog! This month has been crazy busy as we settled into our positions, but last weekend, we decided to have some fun with the new winter gear in our stores and show them off in a team photoshoot! 

Our newest product : the Harvard Scarf!

While a few of us had pondered a career in modeling before taking this job, the freezing cold convinced everyone otherwise. Huge props to Cindy, Harvard Student Agency’s creative director, for sticking with us in the cold and taking these amazing photos! 

Ali Nuri Bayar '15
Managing Director

Sandy Liang '16
Store Operations Manager

 Daniel Wang

Stock Manager

Jocelyn Fu
Web & Marketing Manager

Shop H Sweater

Aya Darwazeh
Rings & Graduation Manager

 Bryant Yang
Custom Orders Manager

We couldn’t be more excited to push The Harvard Shop to new heights, so we hope you’ll follow our blog and join us for the ride! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bring on the Class: The Class Sweater

The class sweater has been a long-valued tradition at America's finest East Coast universities. These unique sweaters were originally given to Freshman athletes at Harvard as early as 1891, but as time progressed after WWII, the sweaters were worn by nearly every member of the student body.

This fall, show your class pride with the newest class sweaters! Whether you want to enjoy a summer reunion in a starry night, or get layered up on a chilly winter morning, these all-season sweaters would help you stay comfortable and classy!

Hope you enjoy the photos modeled by Bobby Chen '14, Priya Duvvuri '15, Alex Hem '16, and Annie Opel '17.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bringin' it Back: The H Sweater

As red and orange leaves collect in the yard and temperatures start to drop, we flip to November on our calendar -- the last month of the beautiful fall season in Cambridge. Just in time for the Harvard-Yale game on November 23rd, the Harvard Shop is bringing back the tradition: H Sweaters. Our models Dae Lim '14, Ryley Reynolds '15, Ali Bayar '15, Vanessa Pham '16 and Daniel Mellow '16 put their own modern spins on a classic look.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Harvard Shop Takes CS50

"I took CS50." The phrase, often emblazoned onto a navy t-shirt, is one that's familiar with many a Harvard student. Enrollees in Computer Science 50, an intensive introduction course to computer science and one of Harvard's trademark classes, wear it proudly around campus after finishing the semester. Enrollment has risen dramatically in past years as students are being drawn by both the invaluable technical skills the course offers, as well as the uniquely quirky and young culture for which the class is famous. As an alum of the course myself, I can safely say that CS50 is far more than just a class: it's an experience. One that spans both unimaginable triumph (i.e., when your code compiles) and the occasional heartbreak (i.e., when a rogue parenthesis drives you to insanity); and one that is shared by a community of curious individuals who aren't afraid to be challenged and learn a completely new skill, while having fun along the way. (Check out their website here!)

The CS50 staff, as it turns out, is all about creating that experience. Over the summer, we visited their office, which could only be described as a cross between a sleek innovation space and a playground. Gleaming Mac computers lined the desktops and whiteboards filled with idea brainstorms abounded, while Angry Bird-themed stuffed animals sat crossly on a shelf and Super Mario stickers adorned the walls. Front-and-center in the lounge was a Rock Band setup, to the side of which was a pantry filled with the most wonderful treats known to man (chocolates, cheese balls, chips, and the like). "They really threw us in for a loop," THS Managing Director Ryley Reynolds '15, trying her hand at a CS pun.

So meet the people behind the magic! Join the CS50 staff R.J. Aquino '14, Robert Bowden '13, Ben Shryock '14, Joseph Ong '14, Lauren Carvalho '11, and Milo Banana (a golden retriever!) as they model The Harvard Shop team's picks for this fall!