Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey spotting

SPOTTED: plump turkey with the namesake "Harvard Square Turkey," near Mather House

At Harvard, we're both intrigued and proud of our valiant turkey that manages to avoid any and all danger out on the streets, so we want to celebrate another Thanksgiving that has passed without our Harvard Square Turkey for dinner. 

Celebrate with us and check out The Harvard Shop for 25% off our apparel and accessories until November 30, 2014!

Things to be thankful for

Thanksgiving—the day we remind ourselves just how thankful we are for the family that we love and are driven crazy by, friends that don’t leave our sides, and the countless other blessings in our lives.

At Harvard, there’s much to be thankful for. As both a student at the College and a manager of The Harvard Shop, there’s little time to intentionally sit down and reflect on the progression of this past semester. Going off campus for the short Thanksgiving break, I’ve had some time to be still for a bit and think through all of what I’m personally thankful for this year.

Here are just a few things I’m most thankful for this 2014—

Coming from Southern California (aka the state of eternal sunshine and 70 degree winters), I don’t think I had experienced a full year of real seasons pass until I spent my first year at Harvard. The cold weather does admittedly make me late to class (obviously not because I rolled out of bed 10 minutes before class time) and freezes my hands mid-text, I’ve luckily mastered the art of layering and has made me appreciate the simple beauty of changing seasons. This sweater layered with this cozy scarf and a winter coat has been a foolproof method of warding the cold off…even in the midst of a polar vortex.


They say that friends are the family you actually get to choose, and I absolutely agree. Transitioning in to my second year here has been quite the journey, but through the valleys and mountains of this past semester, my friends have been by my side each and every single step of the way. They’re the kind of friends who model for my photoshoots (see my friend Min-Woo looking handsome in collaboration piece with Vineyard Vines), bring me coffee on protracted study nights, and make me laugh at everything and anything.

My family, despite both my parents being across the country, provides me with the 
unconditional support and guidance that I need to get through the toughest of days. Knowing that my parents are just a single phone call away and that my sister can walk over to my dorm room after her class at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government is a huge source of comfort when school gets to be overwhelming. Pictures like this (see my dad proudly donning his favorite baseball hat) keep me motivated and remind me to be thankful for my family’s love and support.

I’m writing this post from the comfort of my friend D.J.’s home in Maine, where I’m spending Thanksgiving weekend. Last night, I watched in wonderment at the simplistic beauty of falling snow, and couldn’t help but feel so awestruck by the sight of the pristine snow this morning. This is my first “white Thanksgiving,” and it’s also my first time snowshoeing, shoveling snow, and helping to taste-test the cranberry sauce. I’m thankful for little and big adventures alike, each so memorable and magical.

Here’s to being thankful for our blessings—all that has and is still to come!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The H Sweater

Winter is upon us and the classiest way to stay warm is by wearing the official 'H' sweater. The simple collegiate design is timeless. In fact, the genesis of the 'H' sweater trend occurred during the 1880s when the Harvard crew team made a plain white sweater with a crimson 'H' their official uniform. Shortly there after, the Harvard Athletic Council provided letter-sweaters for all of the varsity sports teams. Today, you don't have to be an athlete at Harvard to don the 'H' and show off your Harvard pride. Every year The Harvard Shop sells a limited number of hand-knitted, 100% wool sweaters in both cream and crimson — HAND-KNITTED! The item becomes available at our Mt. Auburn location tomorrow, November 5th, and online on Friday, November 7th.

Take a look at this year's H sweater models!

100% Wool, 100% Students!

Kevin '16 & Jorrion '16

Molly '16

Spenser '15 and Ryley '15

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall 2014

Fall is my favorite season at Harvard! Almost overnight, the yard goes from summer green to an assortment of red, orange and yellow. Leaves collect on the paths, piling up, waiting for little kids to jump in. Sitting in the colorful chairs in the yard, reading books in the golden sunlight, Harvard students are spending as much outdoors as they possibly can before winter strikes.

On this beautiful autumn day, we came out to the yard for our fall photoshoot. A huge thank you to our models Mido '17, Austin '16 and Sophie '17! If you want to see more beautiful photos of these beautiful people, please go on our lookbook on the website! (

Harvard Vintage Crew T-Shirt
Harvard Fleece Zip Hoodie
Harvard Fleece Crew
Harvard Vintage Crew
Harvard Crest T-Shirt

Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet the Manager 2014 -- Bryant Yang

Bryant with his classic modeling laughter


If you've ever been on our website or seen our photos on Facebook, then you probably would recognize Bryant Yang. Besides professionally modeling for the Harvard Shop, Bryant is also the GroupGear manager -- a custom retail business for customers in and outside of Harvard to create and customize their own gears!

A little more about Bryant, he is a sophomore in Eliot House, potentially concentrating in Social Studies. Bryant hails from South Dakota (the best Dakota!), and is enjoying not being walking distance from a cornfield. In addition to being a part of HSA, he is a mentor for the Boston Debate League and a student coordinator and blogger for the Harvard Admissions and Financial Aid Office. In his free time, Bryant enjoys adventures such as eating and sleeping.

Q: What song represents your life?
A: "No Scrubs" - TLC

Q: How do you make your dream sandwich?
A: It'd be a burrito, and it would be from Felipe's.

Q: Last movie you watched?
A: Cloud Atlas - highly recommended!

Q: What do you think the greatest invention has been?
A: Memory Foam Mattresses

Q: If you were a food, what would it be?
A: Flaming Hot Cheetos

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meet the Manager 2014 -- Grace Goodby

Our newest member of the team -- Grace!

Grace rocking our very own Harvard Crop Top

After a wonderful summer with lots of fun in and outside of the office, we are returning to our school year schedule! After frantically shopping for classes while figuring out office hours for work, we have finally settled down a bit and are getting better at balancing school work and our jobs at THS. With the new school year, we welcome a new member to the team! Welcome Grace to the THS family :)

Grace has taken over the position of personnel manager of the Harvard Shop! Originally from Oakland, California, she is a junior in Adams House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. On campus, Grace is a Senior Health Educator with Peer Health Exchange, sings with the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, and a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. She rides horses competitively, training six days a week with her horse, Waitongo, enjoys hiking and biking, loves watching stand-up comedy, says hi to dogs on the street, and is constantly quoting The Mindy Project with her roommates.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: Watching reruns of The Mindy Project with my roommates

Q: What was your childhood nickname?
A: My cousins call me 'Dreads' because when when I was little and I tried to brush my hair I would just fold and knot it up in itself over and over again (my hair was super long and my arms were too short to brush it all the way to the end). Fortunately, I have since learned how to keep my hair (mostly) tangle-free.

Q: Name three ways to your heart.
A:Breakfast, dogs, and flannel shirts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life At Harvard: Best Dining Hall On Campus

Eliot, Class of 2017

Move-in week is approaching, and Harvard students are soon going to be back to their favorite college dining hall food! This (unbiased) post will help incoming freshman as well as upperclassmen find the best dining halls to chill, study and eat in.

5. Quincy
With its huge windows and abundance of natural light, Quincy claims number 5 on our list. Quincy offers a convenient central location. Close enough to the Yard that a quick lunch between classes is possible, and also a great compromise for those of you in Mather or Dunster to meet friends from River West. The spacious kitchen doesn’t hurt either. However, Quincy does have its drawbacks. The majority of seating is on long tables that are not conducive to private conversations. It can also get very crowded because of its convenient location, resulting in a loud atmosphere with limited seating.

4. Annenburg
This list would not be complete without the massive freshman dining hall. Ask any upperclassmen about Annenburg and they will definitely have a strong opinion about their year at the ‘Burg. Those that love it point to the fact that the large amount of people that eat in the dining hall virtually guarantees that you will run in to at least a few friends at every meal. However, this can also be a drawback, especially on a Saturday morning when you are hung-over and don’t want to see anybody.  Also, food is prepared in huge quantities and lines can get very long during lunch. Overall though, Annenburg is deserving of its spot in our top 5. I mean it does look like Hogwarts, that counts for something

3. Currier
Yes it’s quite a trek, but if you’re in the neighborhood Currier is a total gem. It’s not one of the more popular d-halls on campus, presumably because of the distance, so you will have no problem finding seats. In the middle of the seating area is a large fountain, giving the whole area a very tranquil feeling. The kitchen is spacious, the grill quick, and the overall quality of the food is top notch. Besides the obvious downside of the distance from the rest of campus, some students say the fountain reminds them of a dining hall in a retirement home. If you can get over the senior citizen feeling, the Currier dining hall is the best the Quad has to offer, and one of the best on campus.

2. Hillel
The Harvard Hillel dining hall is a surprise number 2 on our list. Of course, the main purpose of the Hillel is to serve kosher food to Harvard’s Jewish community, but a little known fact is any student is allowed to eat there, a privilege underutilized by most. The kitchen prepares meals for a relatively small number of students. This ensures that the food is made with care in small quantities.  The location is also great. After lunch you can walk across the street and check out THS’s Mt. Auburn store, located at 65 Mt. Auburn Street.

1. Leverett
The best thing about Lev’s D-hall is it is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is extremely convenient when you are up till 4 am cramming for a mid term or scrambling to finish a pset. The other nice thing about Lev is it attracts a wide array of students from different houses. DeWolfe housing is right across the street so you can expect to see friends from Lowell, Kirkland, Quincy, Dunster and Winthrop at least occasionally. This also means that it can get a bit crowded at peak lunch and dinner hours, but it is a large dining hall so seating is usually not too big of an issue. The grill is among the best and the staff is the friendliest on campus, making Lev the clear number one dining hall.